Self-sharpening scraper blades

Sandsteel operates in the flexography and rotogravure segments, providing imported self-sharpening blades for packaging, labels, and tags.

Our suppliers are ISO certified and guarantee blades of the highest quality for ink application, scraping, and dosage during the printing process.

The self-sharpening scraper blades are manufactured with imported fine microstructure steel specially developed for the flexographic (conventional and encapsulated Doctor Blade system) and the rotogravure printing processes, ensuring better definition for lines, reticules, and solid printing, in addition to allowing for a long lifespan of the production process.

These blades have an undercut recess in one of their extremities, which goes attached to the printer in contact with the anilox cylinder, scraping and dosing the ink that is transferred to the blanket and, later on, to the employed substrate.

The steel used to manufacture Self-sharpening Scraper Blades is of utmost importance. Thus, the raw material employed in its production is essential to guarantee printing quality.


  • - Perfect blade-cylinder attachment.
  • - Immediate job start-up.
  • - Less pressure required for the job.
  • - High definition of reticules.
  • - Increase in the cylinder's service life.
  • - No-risk printing.
  • - Machine set-up reduction.

Using our Self-sharpening Scraper Blade, you will improve your manufacturing process and guarantee state-of-the-art technology for your end product.

More about scraper blades
Doctor Blade Process
Normal system Encapsulated system
Chemical Composition (%) - Scraper Blades
Steel C Si Mn Cr Mo P. Máx S. Máx
High carbon 1.00 0.25 0.45 1.40 - 0.015 0.004
Stainless 0.68 0.40 0.70 13.00 1.00 0.025 0.015
Mechanical Properties and Delivery Conditions
Class Hardness Resistance to Traction
High carbon 54 a 56 HRC 2050 +/- 100 N/mm2
Stainless 52 a 56 HRC 1900 +/- 100 N/mm2
Dimensional properties - Stock Standard.
High carbon steel Stainless steel
0.15 x 25.00 mm
0.15 x 30.00 mm
0.15 x 35.00 mm
0.15 x 40.00 mm
0.15 x 50.00 mm
0.15 x 60.00 mm
0.20 x 20.00 mm
0.20 x 25.00 mm
0.20 x 30.00 mm
0.20 x 35.00 mm
0.20 x 40.00 mm
0.30 x 35.00 mm
0.15 x 40.00 mm
0.20 x 40.00 mm
0.15 x 50.00 mm
0.20 x 50.00 mm

Obs.: Delivery made in boxes containing 50 or 100 meters.

Sandsteel may also supply you with Self-sharpening blades cut to their length, according to each Customer's need, at no additional cutting cost.