AISI 420Mo Tempered Spring Stainless Steel Strip

The AISI 420Mo tempered spring stainless strip is stainless steel classified as martensitic, magnetic, cold laminated, widely used in the manufacture of springs and devices that require a high degree of hardness, resistance to fatigue, and decrease in production time. Unlike the regular AISI 420, this steel presents other components in its chemical composition, such as molybdenum, which makes it more resistant to corrosion.

The AISI 420Mo Tempered Spring Stainless Steel industry applications are:

  • - Parts stamping in general.
  • - Foodstuff line.
  • - Spring Stainless Steel for manufacturing cutting tools and cutlery devices.
  • - Spring Stainless Steel for manufacturing parts used under liquid immersion.
  • - Spring Stainless Steel for the manufacture of Springs.
  • - Spring Stainless Steel for the manufacture of surgical instruments.
  • - Parts requiring resistance to corrosion.
  • - Medical/Hospital Line

According to our slitter's technical specifications, our stainless steel strips may be supplied as coils, rolls, or steel strips cut to the width requested by the Customer.

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Chemical Composition (%) - AISI 420 Tempered Stainless Steel
C Si Máx. Mn Máx. P. Máx S. Máx Cr Mo
0.38 1.00 1.00 0.040 0.03 13.5 1.00
Mechanical Properties and Delivery Conditions
Class Hardness Resistance to Traction (N/mm2) Finishing
Tempered 52 HRC 1800 Polished White
Dimensional properties
Stock Standard.
Thicknesses (mm) 0.15 (+/- 0.02)
0.20 (+/- 0.03)
0.30 (+/- 0.03)
0.40 (+/- 0.04)
0.50 (+/- 0.04)
0.80 (+/- 0.05)
1.00 (+/- 0.06)
Width (mm) Maximum 300 mm

1) Minimum delivery width is made available only after a previous analysis by our technical department.
2) For thicknesses over 1.50 mm, delivery is made only as blank or part.

International Equivalence
DIN 1.4028Mo DIN 1.4419 X30Cr13 7C27Mo2 UHB716