SANDSTEEL distributes precision strips and scraper blades manufactured with high carbon alloys and stainless steel for application in the domestic industry’s most varied sectors.

We provide specialized technical assistance and guarantee our high-quality products.


Also known as Spring Steel, when in certain alloys, the Carbon Steel Strip is employed in several applications in the domestic industry, which are based on the manufacturing of technical parts that require individual chemical composition specifications and mechanical characteristics for each type of steel, according to the utilization of the final product.


The Stainless-Steel Strip, also known as Spring Steel, when in certain alloys, is widely utilized by the domestic industry due to its outstanding resistance to corrosion and subtle surface finish in finished parts. These characteristics are made possible thanks to the addition of chrome and nickel into their chemical composition.


Scraper Blades are used in rotary printing process machines to scrape and dose ink onto the ink transfer cylinders and also for varnish application. Sandsteel operates in this sector providing innovative solutions and presenting products that comply with the most demanding quality standards, thus ensuring excellent printing of the end product.


Sandsteel's Quality Management System conforms with the ISO 9001:2015 Standard for Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel Strips, and Stamped Parts, as well as for the marketing of these products.